Our Story

Meeting and Friendship

Dan and Jenna both moved to Salt Lake City -- Dan in 2006 and Jenna in 2007 -- from very different parts of the country. Dan was moving from his college in Florida to graduate school at the University of Utah, while Jenna was moving from her first newspaper job in Texas to a new job at The Salt Lake Tribune. The two first met at a Skiers and Snowboarders for Christ event in early 2008, but became better friends when they both volunteered at Royal Family Kids' Camp as camp counselors later that year. Dan started an annual tradition in loaning Jenna his headlamp so she could run in the evenings while the campers were being put to bed.

The Start of a Relationship

Dan finished graduate school, and accepted a job in California. On his second to last day in Salt Lake City, he found out that Jenna was interested in him. Dan was disappointed in the timing of this information, and drove off to California the following day. Thankfully, Dan returned to Salt Lake City often during that following year, and asked Jenna out to breakfast at the end of the 2012 Royal Family Kids' Camp. Jenna accepted, and they started a long distance relationship. Jenna and Dan would visit each other in Utah and California over the next year and a half. Jenna and Dan had a tradition of sending each other postcards whenever they traveled to another destination (even if they were traveling to visit each other). They both utilized Skype and text messaging to stay in touch while they both lived in different states.

The Proposal

Dan secretly flew to Kansas City to receive Jenna's parents' blessing before proposing. In keeping with tradition, Dan bought a Kansas City postcard for Jenna, but he wouldn't be able to send it to her right away (as Jenna would wonder why Dan was even in Kansas City). Jenna did receive that postcard on Christmas morning, 2013, in her stocking, along with an engagement ring. Jenna and Dan headed to the beach afterwards, and enjoyed a game of badminton and Yahtzee on the shore, and watched the sunset together.